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ACPET Scholarships

ACPET offers a number of scholarships to students who have experienced a national disaster in Australia.

The National Disaster Scholarship Scheme

The National Disaster Scholarship Scheme was initiated in response to the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria. The Scheme assists individuals affected by major natural disasters that have occurred in Australia.

The Scheme provides

  • tuition support for the completion of Australian based vocational education qualifications at certificate and diploma level in a wide range of study areas and occupations
  • support for study towards a vocational education certificate or diploma course

This assistance is available through the generosity of ACPET’s member colleges and institutions.

The scholarship brochure provides more details on how the scheme works.

Applications can be lodged at anytime and there are no age restrictions.

If you think you are eligible to apply for a National Disaster Scholarship please complete the Application Form.

Other Scholarships

You can download a full list of sponsoring ACPET members and the scholarships available.

More information
ACPET National Office
PO Box 551
East Melbourne
Victoria 3002
Phone: 03 9412 5900

There are a range of other non-ACPET scholarships and grants to support further study and training. Contact your local state or territory government education authority for details.