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Lies Damn Lies and statistics

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ACPET-TAS nominated for EPA Sustainability Award

Congratulations ACPET-TAS on your nomination for t... Read more

USI - streamlining student records for the future

USIs are not required before 1 January 2015! But i... Read more

Australian Alumni Excellence Awards - Bangladesh 2015

Dhaka, Bangladesh 21 January 2015 Austrade Dha... Read more

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Day Two

Enjoy additional coverage of the conference with:

Chris Evans

Senator Chris Evans, Federal Minister for Tertiary Education and Skills opens Day Two of the conference

Lee Rhiannon

Senator Lee Rhiannon addresses conference delegates

Linsey Siede

Linsey Siede, advisor to the Thai Board of Investment and Director of ASEA addresses the conference on off-shore opportunities

Michael Lehman

Michael Lehman, Westrac, discusses training and workforce development

Chris Robinson, Ian Hawke, Vipan Mahajan

Two regulators and a service provider – left ASQA Chief Commissioner, Chris Robinson; centre TEQSA Commissioner, Ian Hawke; right Tuition Protection Scheme Director, Vipan Mahajan

Tanya Major

Generation One Spokeswoman, Tania Major, talks about training and employment for Indigenous people

Concurrent sessions

Vocational Education and Training

Wendy Perry and Joe de Leo

left Wendy Perry and right Joy de Leo, ACPET SA EO, unlock the power of HD video

Marie-Anne Schull

Marie-Anne Schull highlights the need for training specifically for aged care workers dealing with dementia and depression

Higher Education

Mahsood Shah

Mahsood Shah, RMIT, Re-moralising quality in tertiary education

Wayne Robinson

Emeritus Prof. Wayne Robinson, MIT, Developing a culture of scholarship and research in private higher education


Helen Cook

Helen Cook, ETS TOEFEL, English language policy changes and institutional promotional opportunities

Aleem Nizari's address on Best practice in international student support

Vocational Education and Training

Daryl Neilsen

Daryl Neilsen shares strategies to support CALD students

Carmen-Maria Pavia

Caption to read: Carmen-Maria Pavia, a unique approach to work integrated learning

Higher Education

Suzie Haddock

Suzie Haddock discusses the ongoing challenge of student retention

Ian Tudor

Ian Tudor takes delegates beyond standards towards excellence


Peter Mackey

Peter Mackey from Austrade explains offshore opportunities in the ASEAN region

Li Min

New ACPET China representative, Li Min, outlines her role and opportunities for ACPET members in China